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D7K_1981I began Time2Thrive in 2013 with the goal of teaching readers how to use food to heal themselves, maintain wellness, prevent illness and tap their full potential.  Why should I write about wellness?  After an 9 year odyssey to re-claim my health, I feel that I’m uniquely qualified to help guide people to the nutrition information that can make a difference.  I am a nurse.  I have studied nutrition extensively and attended trainings that address cutting edge research about food and wellness.  I am currently a candidate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, which will certify me the summer of 2017 as a health and wellness coach. They partner with the Institute for Functional Medicine. There is so much out there, and much of it is confusing.  I try and condense it, and talk about how to do it successfully.  There is also a huge deficient in the health care provider network in this country about the important role FOOD plays in wellness, and most of all, preventing or reversing chronic illness.  It isn’t their fault, they simply didn’t learn it in nursing and medical school.  That is changing, and this site is an attempt to bridge the gap between our old “conventional wisdom” and new, state of the art nutrition and medical research.  It is a work-in-progress, and always will be, as the research changes almost daily, as we understand better and better how to THRIVE!

The body is a marvelous self-healing machine if given the correct “fuel”, as in nutrients and food. The problem with the Western Diet is that it is POISON.  We are being sabotaged, often unwittingly, as we try to do things that are healthy, only to find out that we made ourselves sicker. (margarine comes to mind…)

If you spend some time on this site, read my advice, look at the sites I recommend for further follow up and even change your diet by 40%, you will notice major shifts in how you feel and how much energy you have.

How to begin?  Use the menu bar at the left to read my story, and some important articles that are the foundation of how I view self care.  Use the menu on the right to see recent posts, and the search bar to find older posts, recipes and articles.

Disclaimer:  Although I carefully research what I write about, and I am a nurse, this blog is made available for educational purposes only. This blog is intended to provide general information on a wide range of issues, including medical issues. It is not to provide specific medical advice or replace the care and relationship you have with your doctor.  The blog should not be used as a substitute for competent medical advice from your physician, nurse practitioner or other qualified caregiver.



One thought on “About Time2Thrive

  1. Looking forward to it, Eileen…you are brave, but you have always been brave, especially when you felt most afraid and kept moving regardless.

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