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These are my foundations of health.  Over the last 6 years there are articles that “stand out” to me as most important.  Read through them, and you’ll be armed with a great foundation of knowledge.

No Pop. No Soda. Ever. If you drink soda, you need to read this.

Inflammation:  Are you “on fire” and don’t know it?  Very important info

Why wheat can destroy you.

Mercury, and how to avoid it… and why you should.

What hunger REALLY means.

The reverse of Super-size me and it’s lessons for us…

Our food has become toxic.

Common myths about food.

Fasting 101:  What is intermittent fasting and why is it good?

Grass Fed Beef ONLY:  why it is worth the $$ to buy ONLY grass fed beef

Vitamins 101: Why Spend the $$? Docs will tell you vitamins are a waste of money.  I respectfully disagree, and here’s why.

The Anatomy of Trust Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable?  It may be the key to emotional eating.

What is Functional Medicine?  I wrote two articles on it.  See links below.

Functional Medicine, Part I

Functional Medicine, Part II

Links to Websites and Info:

These are sources I trust.  Check them out for WAY more info than I can provide!  Check back often, as I’m sure to add more links!  — A comprehensive website by my physician Dr. Mark Hyman, who solved my medical quandary and diagnosed my mercury toxicity. — the smartest most cutting edge food expert I know.  She started Mark Hyman on his road to wellness.  She’s got a blog and info about her appearances, etc., and sees patients for consultation. — The Institute for Functional Medicine – where you can find a Functional Medicine Doctor in your area. — a great Yoga center that has tons of great classes on many, many wellness issues.  Check out their calendar.

Seafood Watch — The Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s guide to eating safe fish.  This is my bible.  Pay attention to this when you shop.  They even have an app!

David Ludwig, MD — Ludwig is an obesity researcher and Harvard professor.  He has some great teaching

Dale Bredesen, MD — Dale is single handedly changing the outlook for Alzheimers patients.  His book The End of Alzheimers is a must read.

I Highly Recommend these Books to Read:

How to Make Disease Disappear by British MD Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Autoimmune Fix by Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, 2017

The Autoimmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa, 2008

Mark Hyman’s books, newest first:

  • Food, What the Heck Should I Eat? 2018
  • Eat Fat, Get Thin, by Dr. Mark Hyman 2015
  • The 10 Day Detox Diet, 2014
  • The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman 2012
  • Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman 2006

Mark Hyman’s Podcasts (free) and his Broken Brain Series

Wheatbelly by Dr. William Davis

Always Hungry by Dr. David Ludwig

The End of Alzheimers by Dale E Bredesen, MD

If you want to understand issues with food as a business and a choice as a consumer:

The Omnivore’s Dilemna, Food Rules,  In Defense of Food and Cooked by Michael Pollan

and also this one:  Salt, Sugar, Fat:  How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss

The Role prescriptions play in altering our nutrition

Drug Muggers by Pharmacist Suzy Cohen

updated 3/2019


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