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The Right Receipt!

Last week we were in Denver to see my son.  My son and husband had lunch together, and our son wanted to take him to a local restaurant that he liked.  I loved his choice for so many reasons:  1. It was a great restaurant that cooked local, often organic food. (they do pay attention when I talk!!!)  2. It provided them with low carb options for a lunch  3.  It gave me an idea for a post.  WIN-WIN-WIN!


modmarket.receiptHere’s what amazed me today as I scanned in receipts.  THEIR RECEIPT GAVE THEM THE NUTRITION INFORMATION FOR THEIR MEALS!  Why doesn’t every restaurant do this?  How cool is this?   My only comment is most people probably don’t want a 2,500/day calorie intake — but in Denver, which is one of the healthiest cities, it may be accurate due to the amount of biking/hiking/exercise most people get. But in all other regards, this is an awesome idea more restaurants need to follow!

Tell your favorite local restaurant to try doing this, it appears that this restaurant uses software called Nutricate “to nutritionally educate”.

And if you live in Colorado, Washington DC, Arizona or Texas, who are lucky enought to already have them, I’d definitely support Modern Market!

Have you seen this before?  If you have, comment where so we can support those restaurants for their transparency!

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  1. Such a needed service for a food conscious customer or one that wants to be.
    Great customer service to think for their customers this way!

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