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Thriving with Kids at Home During Uncertain Times

I posted this on my personal Facebook page last week and it has taken off, so I am sharing it here, and I have expanded it. If you are a parent, grandparent or aunt/uncle, here are things to help ease our anxiety in this time of social isolation. I will also be posting more recipes soon.

Things to do with your kids:

  1. Ask them what they want to do. My granddaughter started a word document and listed some very academic goals! Kids will surprise you! They love the Prodigy game site for math. It works with parents to create challenges and our g-kids already had accounts from school.
  2. Cook with your kids. Teach them how to make REAL food. Don’t just make sweet things. Show them how to make soup. When they cook something they are proud and much more likely to eat it! Vitamins boost immunity. Ditch the junk food. Here’s a recipe.
  3. Use stay at home resources. There is even a Faceook Group Amazing Educational Resources that has a list of a TON of helpful and often free things. They are working hourly on updating the links. (link:
  4. Create memories. Tell stories. Work on photo albums or scrapbooking. Even organize your digital pics online. Bigger kids can easily do this by year.
  5. Encourage kids to create art. Here are virtual museums that are free. Talk about the paintings and sculpture! Google Arts & Culture has a new website up to help. Or just google online virtual museums. Here’s the Google Link.
  6. Redecorate? Why not? Ask them what they’d like to change about their room. Then, help them clean their room and get them involved in redecorating something so they have a goal. THEIR GOAL. Kids are amazingly creative. And if they have ownership, amazingly motivated! Here’s a list of what to keep in mind when tackling kids rooms.
  7. Quality Screentime. Pick out amazing films. We just watched TOGO and for any kids who love dogs, this is a great one. Here’s a list to get you started!
  8. Have an exercise plan. Kids can be outside, should be outside, just not in large groups. Exercise boosts immunity. See bottom of this article for virtual You Tube Workouts for kids.
  9. Be sure they get enough sleep. Let them sleep in if you can. Another immune booster. This, especially for teens, can be a blessing in disguise, as the school day is often not how they want to function.
  10. This is a great chance to talk about what is important in life. It isn’t social media, or clothes or who has the latest iphone. It is family, friends and creating our own sense of community. Explain this downtime is to give docs, hospitals and nurses time to take care of the really sick people and not have new flu cases.
  11. Finally, take care of yourselves as parents. Your kids need you now more than ever. Stay calm, show love and realize they’re gonna get squirrely. ROLL WITH IT.
  12. Wondering how to boost immunity? Read my post here.

Here are more resources:

Site on Facebook for DAILY animal videos (live stream but re-playable anytime) Imagine, an animal a day! With a quiz at the end. Usually runs at noon EST. If you are not on Facebook, here is a You Tube Link:

Fitness Blender Kids Workout:

Here’s a website for parents that explains many Resources for Families During Sheltering and Social Distancing. Great Ideas.

An option, (it does have cost) is to consider a subscription for kids to teach them how to cook. My grand kids get a monthly kit. The website is RADDISH (get it, Rad Dish?!) and the recipes come “kid friendly”. I have been AMAZED at what they have made, and they are super proud of their meals! Read more here.

Above all, be well. Your kids depend on it.