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Protein Labels 101

Organic vs. Natural vs. Free Range vs. Grass Fed: Making sense of labels on your protein choices. Natural“Natural” can be very misleading. The USDA defines a natural product as one that contains “no artificial ingredient or added color and is only minimally processed.” Processing must not fundamentally alter the product. The label must include a specific explanation such as “no artificial ingredients; minimally processed.” So, based on this definition, ALL fresh, raw meat qualifies as natural. Confusing? Absolutely. This term does not require that animals be raised in sufficient open space or indicate that antibiotics have been used prudently. It does not bar growth hormones. It does not mean organic. The term can mislead consumers to believe that a product is healthier and more humane than it is. OrganicFood labeled organic must be third-party certified to meet the USDA’s criteria. Organic foods cannot be irradiated, genetically modified or grown using synthetic fertilizers, chemicals or sewage sludge. Organic meat and poultry cannot be treated with hormones or antibiotics (sick animals must be treated, but cannot be …

The Dirty Dozen

So, when is it REALLY important to eat organic? Every year, the Environmental Working Group releases their list of the best and worst veggies and fruits (in terms of pesticide contamination) on the market.  The video below is also quick and easy to watch.  I will update this list as the new lists come out. Here’s their most recent Dirty Dozen™ and their “safe” counterparts.  If you have limited funds, I strongly encourage you to buy the left side of the list below ORGANIC.  The rest, try to find a balance! See more on their website Click here for a good article from “The Daily Green”