Can fish oil save your life?

PINK.WECANCUREITI’ve already talked before about the supplements I’m on, and why I think they are CRUCIAL to my staying healthy.  Here’s some new research from the Fox Chase Cancer Center, just published this week:

… omega-3 fatty acids and their metabolite products slow or stop the proliferation, or growth in the number of cells, of triple-negative breast cancer cells more effectively than cells from luminal types of the disease. The omega-3s worked against all types of cancerous cells, but the effect was observed to be stronger in triple-negative cell lines, reducing proliferation by as much as 90 percent. The findings were be presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2013 on Tuesday, April 9.

Lead author Thomas Pogash stated:  “Diet can play a critical role in breast cancer prevention,” says Pogash. “When you compare a western diet to a mediterranean diet, which has more omega-3s, you see less cancer in the mediterranean diet. They eat much more fish.”

My doc, Dr. Mark Hyman stated:  ” Simply put these extraordinary fats affect every part of your biochemistry. They control gene function, regulate your immune system, impact the speed and efficacy of your metabolism, and they are a vital component of the cell membrane that covers every one of the 100 trillion cells in your body.  This means when you don’t get enough omega-3 fats, messages can’t be properly communicate from one cell to another. If you’re not getting enough omega-3s, your body — including your brain — just can’t work to its optimum potential!”

So, go have some salmon, , and if you are not on fish oil yet, go out this weekend and get some.    Read the press release here for more information.  FOOD IS MEDICINE.

Read Dr. Hyman’s entire post on fish oil here

This is the ultra-refined fish oil I take.  I’m on it because of my mercury problems, this is a link to a provider I don’t use, but this is exactly what I take.  Liquid, 2 tsp/day.

A really good enteric coated fish oil capsule is available on Amazon

6 thoughts on “Can fish oil save your life?

  1. Hi Eileen,
    I’ve struggled over the past several years with consuming liquid fish oil, capsules, etc. I don’t like to eat fish at all. Do you have a recommendation of a plant-based source? I get conflicting info regarding flax seeds and all the alternatives.
    Thanks and be well!

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