Off to the OR

Well, I’m off to the Operating Room to get a torn rotator cuff repaired.  I thought for a fleeting second that maybe if I just took enough supplements…  Nah, there ARE certain things you can’t avoid, no matter how well you eat, and taking a heavy suitcase off a moving conveyor belt must have been my tendon’s tipping point.  I have torn the top (shoulderunder the supraspinator muscle) and the lower (lo and behold, I have an old injury that’s healed… oh, so THAT’s why my arm hurt in 2000)  Whooppee for me.  I only hope that this means during recovery I’ll be able to post a bit more, but if you see me absent for awhile, this is why.  On the other hand, I had labs drawn yesterday, and my glucose, which always hangs around that “sorta-borderline-pre-diabetes” range was NORMAL!  Pretty exciting for me!

So, here goes me in my worst position, being totally not-in-control.  That’s why I don’t like flying either.  Although I’m much better than I used to be.  I know, “let go, let God”.  I just have to say that about a hundred times….

Back soon with a new shoulder and a lovely black sling.  At least all my black clothes will look smashing with it.  So, for those of you inclined to send healing energy my way, or think good thoughts or pray, I’m all for it.  And thank you.


6 thoughts on “Off to the OR

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  2. Thanks everyone! I am doing much better. Have much to tell. My pain has been very little and I’m recovering well. I think some of it is that I’m in good shape biologically, if that makes sense. All my vitamins and eating right have got to help here, right? More in the coming weeks. Steve has been an awesome nurse and an even better cook. Lots of recipes to share…. soon. Typing is still a bitch! Especially the right hand stuff. This took me two hours to post. JK!

  3. Oh boy Eileen! I know this out of control feeling! Having to give it up for doctors last year for a total rebuild of my cervical spine taught me to be grateful for specialists and their passions! I know for a fact that your healthy lifestyle will aid in your healing and post surgical results. Sending positive energy your way!

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