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Immunization Safety/Prep

We are hearing a lot of worry about whether or not these new mRNA vaccines are safe, how they differ from others, and whether we should get them. This post focuses on current data, how to prep if you haven’t had the vaccine yet, and what you can do for booster “prep”. For the vaccinations in general, the data is pretty astounding; they not only are safe, but they are showing a surprising side effect. Some “Long Haul” COVID sufferers and people with auto-immune issues are actually seeing a resolution of symptoms! For up to 40-50%, the vaccine is making them BETTER! No one predicted this, and it is very hopeful, especially for patients who have suffered symptoms from prior infections. (see more in box below). “I didn’t expect the vaccine to make people feel better,” says Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at the Yale School of Medicine who’s researching long COVID. “More and more, I started hearing from people with long COVID having their symptoms reduced or completely recovering, and that’s when I started to …