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Fasting 101

Okay, there’s been a lot in the media lately about fasting.  Here’s my take on it based on research and what I learned at Food As Medicine. There are amazing immune and cardiac benefits to fasting, in addition to weight loss.  But, you must do it correctly. The benefits are so startling it is worth considering incorporating fasting into your lifestyle as a routine practice.  The type of fasting I will talk about here is INTERMITTENT fasting, and specifically, the kind that only goes for 15-18 hours.  According to the latest research, you get most of the benefits of a fast without the torture of not eating for long periods without eating. Intermittent fasting is: A 15-18 hour period of not eating (eg;  eat dinner, then eat your next meal 15-18 hours later) done 1-2/week on average You can drink water, tea and coffee while you are fasting (non-calorie beverages – NO SODA) People who intermittently fast get benefits in 14-18 hours.  Here’s why:  increased Autophagy.  Autophagy is a normal physiological process in the body …

Do you judge yourself or others who are overweight?

Don’t…  you may have it ALL WRONG. I have long been a fan of the TED talks.  Often enlightening, and usually entertaining, these videos should be standard in many college level programs.  It’s a way to educate yourself, entertain yourself and empower yourself.  There is one that is SO important, I’m embedding it here.  It is 15 minutes long. Peter Attia, M.D., trained as a surgeon.  He realized he judged his overweight patients, but had an epiphany when he himself gained weight and developed metabolic syndrome. What he has to say is so important, everyone needs to hear it.   Anyone who has been overweight knows only too well the psychic pain, the emotional pain of being judged.  My entire hypothesis and the reason I do this blog is that I believe IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  Peter Attia, you are my hero today because of your courage to question the status quo, and your commitment to address this issue by finding an answer to your questions.   For more on Dr. Attia’s work, see: