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Our food has become toxic.

This picture speaks volumes.  I’ve already talked about why soda, (diet OR regular) is bad for you, but there’s so much more to say.  Sugar is buried in everything.  And it’s killing us.  86 million people in the US have pre-diabetes, and NINE OUT OF TEN don’t know they have it!  15-30% of them will develop full blown Type 2 Diabetes within 10 years.  Economically speaking, the cost of diabetes alone is $245 BILLION dollars a year.  Think of what we could do with 245 billion. (And two years ago, it was 174 Billion…  this trajectory is going to bankrupt us more than any other cost.)  So many of these people could reverse their pre/Type 2 diabetes simply by eating whole foods.  (see my post on this, you CAN reverse Type 2 Diabetes!) Here’s where a lot of people are at:  you are a bit overweight, but your doctor hasn’t told you you you’re sick.  But, you probably are.  Maybe you’re on a statin, you blood sugar is around 100 — or maybe you aren’t …

Do you judge yourself or others who are overweight?

Don’t…  you may have it ALL WRONG. I have long been a fan of the TED talks.  Often enlightening, and usually entertaining, these videos should be standard in many college level programs.  It’s a way to educate yourself, entertain yourself and empower yourself.  There is one that is SO important, I’m embedding it here.  It is 15 minutes long. Peter Attia, M.D., trained as a surgeon.  He realized he judged his overweight patients, but had an epiphany when he himself gained weight and developed metabolic syndrome. What he has to say is so important, everyone needs to hear it.   Anyone who has been overweight knows only too well the psychic pain, the emotional pain of being judged.  My entire hypothesis and the reason I do this blog is that I believe IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  Peter Attia, you are my hero today because of your courage to question the status quo, and your commitment to address this issue by finding an answer to your questions.   For more on Dr. Attia’s work, see:

Glycemic what?

Unless you live in a cave, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the words glycemic load and glycemic index.  But, what do they mean?  I’ll try and explain.  These are REALLY IMPORTANT numbers if you are someone who has trouble losing weight, loses it but it comes right back, or your doctor has told you that your triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar are high.  This combination of lab abnormalities is known as metabolic syndrome.  It is the precursor to Type 2 Diabetes, and our diet is why most of us have this syndrome.  So, let’s talk about how EATING DIFFERENTLY CAN REVERSE THIS PROCESS. Why should you pay attention to Glycemic Index and Load? The higher the rise in glucose in the blood stream, the more insulin your body cranks out to store it. Over time this can lead to higher circulating insulin levels that can result in inflammation, weight gain and resistance to insulin’s ability to store sugar. The end result can be the progression to type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other …